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Meet hosts Jess and Pierce

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(and of course, Penny)

Jess and Pierce are husband and wife, cohosts, and parents of a one year old only child, Penny. They try to bring humor, understanding and a deep well of empathy to the topic of being one and done. The road to get there was not easy for them as Jess was diagnosed with preeclampsia with their daughter and was forced to deliver her a month early. They have decided to be one and done as the chances of that happening again are high. Coming to terms with that choice and hoping to create a community with others who have made it, Only You was born.

Only You: A One and Done Podcast is made to talk about the decision to have an only child, the stigma surrounding it and stories and anecdotes from people who’ve lived it. We invite listeners to email in with their thoughts and experiences and discuss a wide range of topics including encouraging your only child’s imagination, feeling societal pressure to give your child a sibling and coping with traumatic births and medical issues.

Podcast Appearances


March 2021:

March 2021:

March 2021:

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